Crazy Like a Fox

I'm Jess, 19, I'm the kinda nerd that doesn't do it deliberately to be cool or retro. I am literally just a loser.

Being veggie

The amount of times I have had to defend myself for being vegetarian because out of nowhere a complete stranger upon finding out my dietary habits, has completely lashed out at me for reasons that aren’t affecting their life in any way whatsoever, is utterly ridiculous. And in the middle of my timidly put together rambling of “I just don’t find it right for me…” I start really thinking and suddenly it makes absolutely no sense for me to be making excuses because: surely you have more to answer for?



once i was having a sleepover and it was like three in the morning and my friend just says ‘what if there was a store just for food?’ 

then three minutes later she blurted out ‘grocery store’ 

please don’t let her reproduce.

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